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Meditation Creations

The Mandala, or sacred circle, is termed by Carl Jung to be the representation of the self, and has shown up in many cultures for many years.  For me, it showed up in my art for as long as I can remember.  As my yoga practice grew I noticed how my art grew.  Opening up in my body and breath during a yoga practice then jumping right into my art allowed me to tap into places of creativity I hadn't known existed.  This process has now grown to include pranayama, asana, and creation all together at one time, allowing what I call Mediation Creations. 

To experience this process watch out for upcoming Mediation Creation Workshops.  In the workshop we tap into our expressive and creative selves through a yoga flow and an opportunity to put pen to paper.


Meditation Creation Workshop March 2018

Interested in hosting a Mediation Creation Workshop? Or when the next one will be offered?

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