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About Jill

I support those that feel stuck in getting out of their own way and better regulate

C-IAYT Yoga Therapist : 500hr Yoga Teacher : Artist : Nia White Belt Certified : Reiki 2 Certified

I found my mat, while studying Art Therapy at Lesley University in 2009. Being involved in art and using it as a form of expression for as long as I can remember, I connected with art therapy and the belief that its about the process and not the product.  After dealing with years of anxiety, depression, drug use/recovery and self esteem issues, I found that in addition to using my art, yoga was a place that allowed me to begin to find both physical and mental strength along with a sense of community and safe space. 

As I continues to grow, being a student first and teacher second, I hope to provide my students with the opportunity to find what they need most while on their mat.  Through empowering, yet playful and expressive classes I hope to guide my students to connect to themselves, find balance, and explore as they rewire the tendencies allowing transformation.

As a Yoga Therapist I hope to create a safe space for clients to be exactly as they are in that moment and figure out how to support them most right there.  I hope through unconditional positive regard and presence that I can support my clients in being rather than doing.

My connection to art and yoga has recently flourished, opening me up to new opportunities to share this expression with others.  Art was always my go to when I needed to go to a safe place.  I have found that when I tap into my breath and my body I am better able to connect to my intuition and push away feelings of self doubt around creating.  My artwork has become a rhythmic dance in my body and on canvas.  Through this work I have created Meditation Creations, a place of exploration, connection, sensation, and play.  I enjoy sharing this by offering Meditation Creation workshops and the sale of my artwork.

I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training at Mantra Yoga (RYS) in June of 2016 and received my Nia White Belt Certification in November of 2015.  I received my Reiki 1 Certification with Jean Davis and Deana Bacon in March of 2018 and Reiki 2 Certification in January 2019.  I received my 600hr Yoga therapist certificate and 300hr yoga teacher training certificate from Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy in 2022.

I completed an 1000hr Yoga Therapy Training with Yoga Phoenix Rising (C-IAYT) in November 2022 and got certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapists (C-IAYT) December 2022.

I currently work as a Case Manager/Therapeutic Mentor.

My goal is to offer opportunities to be with what shows ups, the space to breathe into the transitions and allowance for it to all be here.

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