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About Jill (she/her/hers)

I support those that feel stuck in getting out of their own way and better regulate their nervous system to be more present

C-IAYT Yoga Therapist : 500hr Yoga Teacher : Artist : Nia White Belt Certified : Reiki 2 Certified : Contemplation Practitioner


How did you get here ?

For many years I struggled with being in discomfort. So often I wanted to be anywhere but present and in my body. I felt uncomfortable physically and emotionally. This led me to some maladaptive coping skills of self harm and drug addiction which exacerbated my negative self talk and struggles with self esteem. I so wanted control. Control of situations and my feelings but I wasn’t willing to be with them enough to create a relationship. It wasn’t until finding my mat while studying Expressive Arts Therapy at Lesley University in 2009 that I began to see how the relationship needed to change. This change did not come quickly. I continued to struggle with my mental health and from here grew my self saboteur. I often struggled with the ‘I’m not good enough’ mindset and consistently felt stuck. During college I connected with many holistic practices. Working with young children then with behavioral adolescents in two residential facilities, I noticed how much others struggled with being in discomfort. I then got certified in Nia Technique and my 200 Hour Yoga teacher training. These practices really helped me begin to tap into connecting with the body I was living in. I started to move and breathe in new ways. I grew my ability to be with discomfort more and more. And… I noticed continuing to feel stuck, like I couldn’t get out of my own way. Then life flipped for me. My father died from a heart attack unexpectedly the day after my birthday. He told me on my birthday how I deserved to value myself so much more and what I have to offer. These words and losing him pushed me into beginning my yoga therapy journey. I began engaging in sessions for myself along side of my 1000 hour training. Some of the sessions were really heavy, some of them a bit lighter.  Slowly and in time I found myself building my ability to be with myself more and more. Then in session saying ‘I like myself’ ‘I’m proud of myself’. I continued to show up because I know I deserved to. I hope to bring this same support and opportunities to be present with comforts and discomforts to my clients and students. 

Intentions for showing up?

We as humans feel and experience a large spectrum of emotions. We are able to feel most fully because of the dualities present. We are better able to feel and understand one because of the other. Comfort and discomfort show up at all times. To be present includes figuring out how we navigate that space to allow us to be able to be with all of the feels because they are valid. Often times we try to push away discomfort or more difficult feelings. To really move through them we must lean into them, listen to them and really hear what is beneath the surface. 

My intention as a Yoga Therapist is to hold space for clients to be with discomfort. For clients to be able to be with any feelings and sensations that are present and to be seen there without the need to change or fix anything. For clients to have the opportunity to connect with what is beneath the surface and feel heard. For clients to build their relationship with themself.

I hope through unconditional positive regard and presence that I can support my clients in being rather than doing.

Yoga Therapy and Yoga Training Background

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy IAYT (2022)

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy 500 Hr CYT (2021)

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Certified 600  Hr (2021)

Mantra Yoga 200 Hr CYT (2016)

Other Trainings and Education

Reiki 2 With Deana Bacon and Jean Davis (2019)

Reiki 1 with Deana Bacon and Jean Davis (2018)

Nia Technique White Belt Certification (2015)

BA of Science - Lesley University (Expressive Art Therapy) (2013)

Jill’s Teaching Specialties

Yoga Therapy, Trauma Informed Practices, Expressive Vinyasa, Slow/Gentle Flow, Flow & Restore, Restorative Yoga

My goal is to offer opportunities to be with all that is present, the space to breathe into the transitions and allowance for it to all be here. 

Where can you be found?

My private Yoga Therapy practice is in Topsfield MA at 22 S Main st. Connect with me here or virtually for 

-individual yoga therapy sessions

-relationship yoga therapy sessions

-Reiki sessions

I work as a Contemplation Practitioner with high acuity adolescents and young adults at Charlie Health, a virtual Intensive outpatient program.

I am the Yoga Therapist at Lightwork Therapy and Recovery for their day programs.

I teach public yoga classes at ABT Yoga, the Beverly YMCA and the Peabody Public Library.

What are you up to when you’re not working?

When I am not working you can find me with my dogs, my partner and loved ones exploring, at the beach, adventuring for food and enjoying live music. I love finding myself in creative conversation and continued learning. I am currently learning from Susana Barkarati in their Yoga Class Curator Course and Jillian Pranksy’s Restorative Yoga Course. I love talking about the brain, the nervous system, discomfort and bringing in change.


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