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"Jill has a special way of being present and supportive and encouraging for me to actually be honest with is currently going on in order to move through the emotion gracefully and come up with a plan for life off the mat. I appreciate how she notices the smallest shift in energy and engages me in order to move deeper into it. and when I don't have something to share she is just as supportive of that too. I appreciate being witnessed exactly how i am in the moment and not feeling like I need to change or do anything"


"I gained more insight on what it means to speak up for myself. Often, I allow people in "power" "leaders" to take the lead on the direction of the class or work project etc. In a big back bend, I knew to lean into the edge and to feel the discomfort, and I enjoyed that challenge and then realized that the challenge for me was not how long to hold the pose, it was more when to speak up and say "mmm that is enough for me". I have found myself using my voice a lot more lately in different situations to speak up and shift. I also gained a big realization about the power and comfort of sitting on the floor. just me, just the floor, and breathing. Allowing myself to reground as so much is spinning around me and is not settled yet, where can I settle. What grounding can I control" 


"I realized how overworked I was, and how greatly I needed to dedicate more time to self care. Just sitting and pausing really helped me to recognize that."


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"A new sensorial experience -  I never would have thought that certain physical sensations and colors would come up during session and end up revealing so much to me. I think really being honest about leaning into a more grounding energy (and the fact that it was my second session) helped me feel more relaxed and open which helped create a more powerful experience"


"I felt open in my heart and throat which is what I was interested in receiving. Her open hearted questions and repeating back to me what she heard me say helped me feel heard and supported."
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